What can we offer you that no one else can?
Throughout your schooling and even in college, we are given written examples of good essays and shown what we need to do to strive for that ‘A’ grade.
We then enter university and no such examples exist! At Premieressays our collections are real essays written by top university students who believe that we should share good practice, for a minimal price, after all many hours have gone in to their research and writing.
Our essays are priced at 50p per page, a very small fee for high quality exemplar work.
Why should you bother buying our products?
Founded by a 1st Class (Hons) student who now works in Secondary Education. Premier Essays was established and born from the principal that every student counts, the creator of this unique concept says:
“Having entered university myself as a mature student and out of the education system for some 20 years, knowing where to start was a hard task, if I’d had exemplar material, life might have been a little easier!”
What value do your products bring to my life?
Our products have been through essay submission in real-life situations, so you know you can trust these are high quality exemplar materials. In addition where applicable they are fully referenced with full bibliography. Therefore not only will you have at your finger tips an outstanding example of an essay structure but also quotes that can be directly pulled from the essay, as well as quoting the essay itself and using the bibliography for referencing. A valuable tool and saving you time in the process!
Can I request a sample of a download before I decide to buy?
Of course! We do have some free samples already created for you to download so you can view an example, however, if you would like a sample of specific downloadable product, feel free to get in touch via our contact us page and we will send a sample over!