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Analysing Poems

  • Prose Does Rhyme
  • Blank Verse Doesn’t Rhyme
  • Iambic Pentameter 10 Syllables Per Line
  • Sonnet 14 Lines Long
  • Stanza Verse/Line
  • Juxtaposition Contrasting Words, e.g. ‘Exploding Comfortably Juxtaposes 2 Images of a contrasting nature placed together to create a third idea
  • Oxymoron 2 Metaphors or images linked through a connective (usually ‘and’) e.g. ‘Sweet and Sour’
  • Personification Treating something non-human as if it was human
  • Euphemism Something ‘Nasty’ given a ‘Nice’ description
  • Aural The Sound
  • 1st Person Narrative Writes with ‘I’

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