Non-Fiction: On the search for a perfect lunch

Nice Ploughmans but still want more!
So arming the sat-nav with a postcode of somewhere we thought might serve a decent Ploughmans, as they do, the navigation system took us somewhere completely different.
We pulled in by chance to this quaint little pub, I fumbled for my phone and triumphantly found their website, imagine my glee when I saw they served the golden chalice we were chasing!
They even had a table for us, fate had made its plans! Eagerly we ordered our choice of cheese Ploughmans (choice of cheese or ham) what? Not both!
It arrived, excitement prevailed (this was the first in our quest!)Two nice chunks of cheddar, salad, a pickled onion, a little pot of Branston (or similar) two small pats of butter and a white baguette.
Now don't forget we were excited we had only just begun our journey, so thought it good. Then the analysis came...
The baguette was one you buy part-baked at a supermarket, there definitely wasn't quite enough pickle, some ham or a porkpie would definitely have completed the ensemble!
Our thoughts for £10.25 it needs improvement but if you are desperate for our old favourite, it was a good munch in quaint surroundings!
Oh and the picture is from their site but definitely not what hit our table!

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