Homophones! What?!

Homophones Practise

  • I have two sisters
  • I am going to the shops
  • Can I come too?

  • Over there is a bridge
  • They have a cat at their house
  • They’re not very nice

  • I’m not sure whether to have cake or biscuits
  • The weather is sunny

  • I must practise my English
  • My doctor has his own practice

  • I’m the principal of my own school
  • It’s the principle of the matter

  • I said no!
  • I know what you mean

  • I may be late today
  • Maybe I might come along

  • Your behaviour affects me greatly
  • He said it for effect

  • I accept your invitation
  • Everyone over here except Emily

  • Could I have a piece of paper?
  • I need peace and quiet

  • I can tie a knot
  • You are not coming

  • Here’s your coffee
  • You’re not coming

  • I would like the whole cake
  • I’ve dug a hole

  • I passed my driving test
  • I drove past a lake

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